ITS Fiber Zymmetric: First to offer Gigbit in this area

ITS Fiber Zymmetric Internet

ITS Speed

ITS Fiber Zymmetric is our REVOLUTIONARY brand of fiber-optic Internet with symmetric speeds up to 1 Gigabit! (1000 Mbps) We have new offerings including phone + Internet bundles with competitive prices, faster speed tiers and more!

What is Zymmetric? (Symmetric Internet)

This means our fiber Internet now has the same level of upload and download speed for all tiers. Today, upload speeds are as important as download speeds especially for using cloud applications, posting photos and video on the Internet, or using Skype or Facetime video chatting.

Why ITS Fiber Zymmetric?

Because of it's unbelievablely fast, ground-breaking speed levels (up to 1 GIGABIT) Zymmetric Internet will give residents the opportunity to do more and have more fun with all the ways the use the web.

ITS Fiber Zymmetric Internet Speed Tiers
200/200 Mbps
500/500 Mbps
1GB/1GB (1000 Mbps)


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